Benefits through smart architecture.

These paddies have an optimal irrigation system with a minimal loss of water due to their smart architecture.

We protect you from annoying error messages and warnings.

The mask protects these horses from annoying mosquitos and other insects, so it can calmly graze.

We make IT simple. We keep IT simple.

Unlimited access and security thanks to standardised solutions.
Special solutions will only be applied where they are useful and necessary.

little things which make all the difference | standardise what can be standardised

IT in harmony.

We consider harmony being important and desirable – also in regard to your IT infrastructure. You don’t need THE best solution – but one that fits your all your needs and expectations.
That is where we start and right this attitude is what distinguishes us from others competitors who seek to be “faster” or even “more modern”. We do use modern and efficient components as well – with the difference that they will match up with your expectations.

We often hear – my only intention was to write a letter on Word but had to go through some security questions first which I had to confirm. Honestly, I didn’t read them carefully or rather wasn’t able to understand them fully. Mentioning just one example.

We do listen to you very carefully – more – we pepper you with questions before we start installing or head for the concept development.

Our experience taught us that it’s the small things in IT which matter and render you satisfied as a user.

We deactivate all those unnecessary messages and queries regarding to our established standards which we customise for you. Furthermore we ensure keeping your setting safe and up-to-date by spreading security updates etc. into parameterized maintenance procedures and finally monitor them.

So you can finally focus on your actual work on your computer and in peace with your PC – simply silentbit®.